Monday, 14 January 2013

Tailored Diet Plan

JustSlim takes people’s body statistics and turns them into a carefully tailored, calorie-controlled nutrition plan to tackle weight management goals. The online ‘honesty booth’ considers dieting slip-ups and adapts diet plans accordingly, so that total weekly calorie intake stays the same, even with a bad day. The plan also helps individuals with shopping lists and buying lunch on the fly, along with simple recipes for nutritionally balanced home-cooking.

Choose from the following options for tailored diet and nutrition plan, distributed by JustSlim:

£18 for three-month package (60% off)

£29 for six-month package (63% off)

£35 for twelve-month package (71% off)

The Specifics

Calorie-controlled diet plan
Tailored to individuals’ body statistics
Nutritionally balanced; does not cut out any food groups
Simple recipes without lengthy preparation or cooking time
Focusses on variety and flexibility with recipe shuffles and snack swaps
Adapts to compensate for dietary slip-ups, lifestyle changes, and activity levels
Online and email support and user community available
Nutritional information and articles accessible online
Three, six, or twelve month plan

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