Thursday, 3 January 2013

£3.99 Tevion PMX80 Sport / Gym Headphones (Rebadged as Tevion) @ Aldi

SpamJavelinSpamJavelinfound 46 minutes agoI couldn’t believe this when I saw them stacked on the shelves at the Weston Favell Aldi – Sennheiser PMX80 headphones for £4! I have used these at the gym for the last 3 years and love them.

Sweat-proof and guaranteed to stay on your head and in your ears when running.

Sounds quality is OK, good enough for the gym but not Hi-Fi quality as you expect from small drivers.

Now, here’s the deal - these aren’t in a Sennheiser box but as you can see from the pics below they are almost exactly the same as the Sennheisers with the only difference being a colour change to one piece of plastic. More importantly they sound the same too (actually they are a little ‘tight’ but I guess they just need a few hours of running in – my old ones have done hundreds of hours).

Happy hunting!

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