Wednesday, 23 January 2013

E-Cigarette Kit £19.95

With no ifs, no butts, and none of the tobacco or tar found in cigarettes, this battery-powered e-cigarette comes with 17 nicotine cartomizer refills in menthol or tobacco flavour. The pack comes complete with a USB charger, car charger adaptor, and cigarette box, and is legal to use indoors. With their slender white bodies and LED light-up ends, the e-cigarettes also double as lighthouses for sailing mice.

Choose from the following options for an e-cigarette starter kit with 17 cartomizer refills, distributed by VIP.

£19.95 for a menthol pack (59% off)

£19.95 for a tobacco flavour pack (59% off)

Image 2

The Specifics

Rechargeable battery
17 cartomizer refills
USB charger
In-car charger
Starter box with instructions
17 cartomizer filters, roughly equivalent to 680 cigarettes
Tobacco or menthol flavour
Maximum strength (24mg)
Legal to use indoors and in public

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VIP Cigarettes has attracted over 7000 Facebook Likes to date. In addition, 93% of 1,132 Groupon customers recommended the item, and commented on the high standard of product, prompt delivery and level of communication and customer service.

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