Wednesday, 23 January 2013

20 Combat Fitness Classes

Muay Thai and kickboxing techniques pack an extra punch in to the training rituals at Fighting Fit Martial Arts.

Choose from the following options for martial arts interval training:

£24.50 for ten weeks of K30x training (80% off)

£49 for twelve weeks of K30x training (67% off)


This studio is a blackbelt leadership academy that has been bringing the community together since 1997. Groupon Asks Fighting Fit Martial Arts about its fitness programmes and family values.

G: What is this workout all about?
"K30x is a fitness programme that combines mixed martial arts, kickboxing and Muay Thai with high intensity interval training. The course involves two 30-minute sessions per week, and can help with fitness and toning, while at the same time clients can learn how to defend themselves."

G: Tell us about Fighting Fit’s ethos.
"The founder, Gary McKibben, is a former international kickboxing champion, and his vision was to build a community by helping people get in shape and be safe, while instilling life skills at the same time. The school upholds important values like patience, respect and self-control."

G: Who can benefit from martial arts training?
"We run programmes for adults, teens and children, teaching anything from jiu jitsu to yoga. Customers are part of a family, and the team are proud of everyone from the two-year-old future stars, to junior champions and senior warriors.  

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