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Free Spirit Reflection

Presenting big color definition and multifunction performance in a popular boatspace-saving design. The HDS-5 features a five-inch, 16-bit color screen that renders astounding fishfinder and navigation details. The SolarMAX PLUS screen provides bright-sunlight and wide-angle viewing, and pure-white LED screen/keypad backlighting that fully adjusts to zero-dim for night vision. Built-in Broadband high-definition fishfinder technology and the high-sensitivity 16-channel GPS+WAAS antenna complete the package.

This version includes Lake Insight U.S. inland mapping, which includes nearly 5,000 freshwater lake maps with life-like perspective of bottom structure and topography. Coverage includes the Great Lakes and more than 500 Fishing Hot Spots lakes.

The HDS-5 is fully compatible with all Navionics chartcards--Platinum+, Platinum, Platinum HotMaps--with one high-speed SD card slot. Easily build your complete stand-alone or networked onboard system.

Lowrance HDS-5 Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter

Perfect as both standalone unit or multifunction display for integrated navigation network.

HDS Highest-Definition Broadband Fishfinding

Incredible and award-winning, exclusive Broadband Sounder digital technologies is now inside all HDS sonar models for the best Lowrance fishfinding ever! As the vital link between the transducer and your HDS display, Broadband is proven to find more fish with greater sensitivity, higher definition and more display clarity with superior target separation in all cover, in thermoclines and in all water conditions.

Less Noise, More Targets
With Lowrance Broadband digital signal processing software, noise goes way down and sensitivity goes way up. The result: Ultimate target discrimination with incredible high-definition separation of those distinctive Lowrance �fish arch� targets from structure and other fish!

Crystal-Clear Clarity
With advanced digital filtering, Broadband vastly improves at-a-glance display clarity, sharpens bottom images and paints a much cleaner picture of targets that others will miss or show poorly.

Greater Shallow-Water Coverage
To cover even more water, Broadband automatically adds 83 kHz operation to a Lowrance 200 kHz single-frequency transducer. At 83 kHz, you get full 120-degrees of wide-angle coverage with greatly enhanced definition of fish arch targets.

Incredible Deep-Water Performance
Broadband sounding is serious electronics when the hunt is on for fish in any deep water weather condition. Even at higher boat speeds, Broadband keeps a bottom lock at depth, with exceptional targeting of fish arches on the bottom, around wrecks and other seabed structure. And when used with a high-power transducer, strong bottom locks and water column detail reach down thousands of feet!

Expandability at No Extra Cost
For added value, HDS Broadband-equipped models can turn an HDS GPS Chartplotter (or GlobalMap chartplotter with yellow ethernet connector) into a powerful combination fishfinder/chartplotter with complete sonar graph control when networked by Lowrance Ethernetworks.

Lowrance HDS-5 Controls

Unique new FlyWheel scroll dial, as well as a bank of soft command keys.

Lowrance HDS-5 Sounder

Exclusive Broadband Sounder digital technology is now inside all HDS sonar models.

Lake Insight U.S.

Lake Insight U.S. inland mapping includes nearly 5,000 freshwater lake maps with life-like perspective of bottom structure and topography.

Lake Insight U.S.

The preloaded Lake Insight U.S. inland mapping includes nearly 5,000 freshwater lake maps with life-like perspective of bottom structure and topography. Coverage includes the Great Lakes and more than 500 Fishing Hot Spots lakes.

Your trusted favorites in Lowrance 2D mapping choices, like Fishing Hot Spots PRO and LakeMaster ProMaps are also fully functional with HDS. Lowrance HDS expands your world of high-detail, high-definition 3D charting options with total compatibility for all 2009 (and earlier) Navionics chartcards.

HDS Redefines Ease of Use

Viewing and control have never been easier, nor more user-friendly. From basic operation to advanced professional functionality, HDS is thoughtfully designed to take you to the next level.

Stylish and Retrofit-Ready
True, HDS sports a more modern design to enhance any boat helm. Yet, by design, HDS makes it easy to upgrade your Lowrance electronics. HDS is compatible with late-model Lowrance transducers, plus yellow Ethernetworks and NMEA 2000 network connectors.

Enjoy Our New Menu Selection
The new, more versatile HDS operating system presents a new way to view and select Lowrance features. This new menu format is both easy to grasp and thoughtfully functional, so you can fly through keypad functions control with the greatest of ease and speed.

A Touch Better
For even easier and quicker control, HDS-8, -8m, -10 and -10m models feature a unique new FlyWheel scroll dial, as well as a bank of soft command keys for the fastest access to functions. So, you spend less time operating and more time fishing.

Better to Find Yourself
With a built-in, high-sensitivity 16-channel GPS+WAAS antenna HDS is a superior solution for both bracket mount, and in-dash installs with the. convenience of front mounting. Plus, the internal GPS antenna also networks with NMEA 2000 systems for data sharing. No external antenna to place, no mess, no fuss. Just advanced GPS accuracy with strong satellite locks and less track plot wander.

For closed-cabin installs, there�s also a new and compact LGC-4000 external GPS+WAAS antenna module option for HDS with a true, real-time satellite signal update rate of five times per second for incredible location accuracy.

Screen Star
In the easy-to-view category, HDS really shines. New SolarMAX PLUS color displays render fantastic detail in sunlight, with the best wide-angle viewing ever achieved. In fact, most now deliver nearly twice the brilliance with significantly-reduced power draw than before! Plus, super-white LED backlighting has zero-dim for eye-soothing night vision protection.

New 2-year Protection
Lowrance also warrants that buying HDS will put your mind at ease. Each now come with a new, expanded 2-year limited warranty, protecting you from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a full 24 months after purchase. At no extra cost. Optional two-year extended warranty also available for purchase.

What's in the Box

Lowrance HDS-5 With Lake Insight U.S. Maps, 12V Power Cable, Mounting Hardware, Owner's manual


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