Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Find Online Deals and Save Some Cash

As the belt-tightening continues, consumers are finding new ways to stretch their paychecks. Whether it's shopping less, eliminating luxuries, buying non-brand items, or looking for deals - shopping habits are changing. Web sites are playing a big role in this new frugal quest. Want to save some cash - go online!

Get a Reminder

Remember to sign up for deal alerts. The majority of sites out there are now offering to send you a reminder with the latest offers based on your preferences. So, in case you forget to check the Web site for a few days - you won't miss that deal!

Go to the Source

Don't stop there - visit the retailer Web site as well. In order to drive traffic and sales, more businesses are posting special promotions online. Check back often because offers may change daily. One day you may find a "free shipping" offer for an online purchase, and the next - "25% off your total order" in the brick and mortar store.

Start Printing

You can start by searching for coupons redeemable in your favorite stores. Some great Web sites to visit include: Coupons.com, Coupon Cabin, Cool Savings and Coupon Surfer. Also visit The Coupon Clippers and Smart Source Coupons for grocery coupons. On Web sites like Shop Local and My City Safari, you can even narrow down your search to only include local retailers and service providers' offers. These sites will also give you store locations listings and their latest local print circular.

Check Local

Finally, don't forget to visit your local community Web sites. Depending on the size and scope, your local newspaper may have a "savings" section. If looking for restaurant deals, find your community restaurant guide site. For other shopping categories - look for local group sites like local shopping clubs, business associations and more. Finding online deals is easy, so if you haven't already, start saving money today. Remember - the savings are only a click away!

Angela K. Rice is a professional author in the Paducah Kentucky area.

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