Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Developing Microsoft® Media Foundation Applications

Developing Microsoft® Media Foundation Applications

Create professional-quality media applications and components with Microsoft Media Foundationâ??and deliver the next generation of high-definition multimedia. With this hands-on book, youâ??ll learn how to build applications to capture video and audio files of different types, process media information, and stream it over the Internet. If you program with C++ and the Component Object Model (COM), this book is idealâ??especially for developers looking to transfer their skills from Microsoft DirectShow®.

Discover how to:

  • Construct media pipelines with individual Media Foundation components
  • Build a simple video player to see how a basic media session works
  • Create applications that transcode media content from one format to another
  • Process data streams by writing Media Foundation Transform objects
  • Examine the internal architecture of Media Foundation Sources and Sinks
  • Design a custom media session object to learn advanced Media Foundation concepts
  • Create image overlays on top of video and send the result over the network

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