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Online Maths Courses £12

Summing things up for young minds, this subscription is designed to gear up 5 to 16-year-olds as they dive into the world of arithmetic. It features thousands of guides and worksheets, along with games and tests to keep things interesting. The animated and interactive system aims to engage burgeoning brains, identifying potential weak areas and helping kids to work through them. The course covers the curriculum at the child’s own pace, so one, two or three students, or a student and their parent, can take their time absorbing their new found mathematical knowledge for up to a year.

Choose from the following options for a one-year maths home learning subscription distributed by

£12 for one user (85% off)

£15 for two users (82% off)

£18 for three users (80% off)

The Specifics

Targeted at children aged 5-16
Designed to help studying for exams in a fun and motivating method
Animated, interactive system goes through curriculum at child’s own pace
Compatible with iPods, iPads, and computers with an internet connection
Course content written by maths teachers
Contains over 1000 guides, 3000 worksheets, and 100s of tests and games
System automatically finds the correct working level for each child
Each topic is explained in an animated guide
System highlights weaknesses and asks the child to re-visit problematic areas

The Specifics

Mental addition and subtraction
Vertical two-digit addition
Two-digit subtraction
Short and long division
And 61 other topics

Shape Space and Measures:
Money and decimals
Metric units - lengths
Fractions of distances
And 46 other topics

Statistics and Probability:
Bar charts
Tally charts
Mean, median, mode and range
And eight other topics

Function machines
Real life graphs
Line graphs
And three other topics

More About

Totting up numerous awards since its inception, this mathematical company ticks all the right boxes when it comes to helping young learners get ready for their exams. takes a positive stance on the oft-mind boggling field of maths, and aims to unboggle it for children aged 5-16 using various aids conjured up by years of experience.

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